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    Books for Geography for the preparation of prelims as well as mains

    Could you please refer some books for Geography for prelims as well as mains?

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    Initially you can start with NCERT geographic book and then you can follow the following books:
    • Environmental Geology -ByValdiya
    • Science and Wonders of Atmosphere – By Gedzelman
    • Geomorphology - By Sparks
    • Economic Geology - By Shackleton
    • Environmental Geology - By Valdiya
    • The Earth's Dynamic Surface - By K. Siddhartha
    • Geomorphology - By Bloom
    • Atmosphere Weather and Climate - By K. Siddhartha
    • Climate History and Modem Man - By Chorley
    • Bio & Environmental Geog. Biosphere A Geography of Life - By Dr. Thomas and K. Siddhartha

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