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    Books for Bank Clerical Exams

    Can anyone tell me few books, which can help me in preparing for Bank Clerical Exams?

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    surya, lots of books are available in order to prepare for Bank Clerical Exams. Well, few prominent one are enlisted 4 u below-
    • Ramesh Bank Clerical Exam Solved Papers by RPH Editorial Board
    • Ramesh Bank Clerical Test Guide (Big) by Anjani A Gupta
    • Ramesh Bank Clerks Exam Guide (Small) by Saurabh Sharma, Karan Dev
    • Upkars Quicker Numerical Test for Bank Clerical Cadre by Dr. M. B. Lal & Jain
    • Upkars Banks Recruitment Tests by Khanna & Verma

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