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    Group discussions: what should one remember?

    Give me some tips on the things i have to remember at the time of group discussion to get seat in MBA.

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    Hi, you have to attend the GD to crack the MBA selection procedure. So after written exam, you should concentrate on GDs. For a successful GD the first and foremost thing is just be yourself and keep yourself updated about almost every possible topics. At the GDs, the selectors look for certain qualities in an aspirant. So try to start the discussion if possible by showing your leadership skills and must ensure that the group hears you properly. For this you need to be assertive, you have to make your chances, your contribution to the group should be meaningful. So take time to organize your thoughts, don’t lose your cool
    . So keep on practicing man which will make you perfect on the D day……

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    Here is a good website where you can refer on some great tips on GD:


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