Alternative Medicines College Of Mumbai is The Holy Angels College Of Alternative Medicines Established under the charter of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines/the Open International University For Alternative Medicines is the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution inthe field of alternative / complementry medicines and helth promotion in India. situated at Borivali West NEW LINK ROAD , BORIVALI WEST MUMBAI.

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The term alternative medicine means any form of medicine that is outside-the mainstream of western medicine as practiced by the majority of doctors today. Alternative Medicines exists in all cultures to some degree and terms such as traditional medicine,indigenous medicine or folk medicine ect.are used to describe such practices. These medicines date back to hundreds or even thousands of years depending on the country and culture concerned.

ACCREDITATION The United Nations University For Peace Constituted by the U.N.. General Assembly vide Resolution no. 35/55/5/xii/80 and duly recognised by the Government of India on 3rd December, 1981 as signatory to the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace and Charter of the University for Peace, U. N.

Preparing holistic practitioners is a serious responsibility and the Board maintains a culture that embodies its philosophy of a humane and holistic medical education.