Announcement on FEE:

Current fee for R.M.P (A.M) is Rs 19,500/- Registration based on your experience.
Current fee for B.A.S.M (A.M) is Rs 25,500/- Bachelors in Alternative System of Medicine, it’s possible to get this with RMP (AM) same time.
Current fee for M.D (A.M) is Rs 38,500/- Doctorate of Medicine in Alternative Medicine. Only possible if you have B.A.S.M (AM).

or you can apply all (1,2,3) three in one go.

Recognition Legality Validity:

Legality, Validity & Utility of the training course, practical and research in the field of “Alternative System of Medicines” are in conformity with the constitution of India and laws of the land.
All courses of the IBAM are approved and recognized by the Indian Govt. of west Bengal State & Senate of THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.
Successful and trained students of the Board can practice and profess the various system of alternative medicines in India as per rules and regulations of IMAR Registration from “Indian Board of Alternative medicines” will be given as per Medical Council of India letter no. MCI – 34(I) / 96 Med./ 10984.