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    What isthe paperpattern of XavierInstitute ofCommunications ONLINE ENTRANCETESTS 2013

    plz answer this question...

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    The Xavier Institute of Communications ONLINE ENTRANCE TEST (OET) is a 90 minute ONLINE test carrying a TOTAL of 100 marks. It will contain TWO SECTIONS:

    It will consist of SIX sub-sections containing questions based on Language Skills, Knowledge of Media and General Knowledge. A fixed response time has been allotted for each sub-section.

    This section will consist of FOUR or more questions, requiring essay- type answers / responses. Of these, ONE question will be COURSE SPECIFIC (related to the Course for which you are opting)

    The others will be Media related, in order to elicit your views on social, political or other issues and also to help us assess your creative and communication skills.

    In this Section too, a Fixed Response time has been allotted to each question.

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