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    Masters in Computers but having bachelors in Mechanical

    I have a bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering with 63%. My English is excellent and have a post graduate diploma in Software Technology from CDAC.
    I wanted to pursue computer science, but parents had forced me into Mechanical engineering. I have six years of experience working in the software field in a startup company and in a Tata company, under various programming languages.

    The requirements for most foreign universities specify that the student has to be a graduate in Computer Science. Is there a university in Candada or anywhere else in the world where I can do my masters in computer science at a reasonable fee? I can afford about twenty lakh.

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    RE: Masters in Computers but having bachelors in Mechanical

    May be u will have to check with list of college in canada and try to find contact of college either send them an email or call. You also can check with educational portal such as www.shiksharambh.com where they provide eligibility details and other stuff.

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