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    Does Your College or University Help You Find Employment When You Graduate?

    Before you choose a university for your graduation or higher studies, you need to determine if the university of your choice will help you land a job when you graduate. Career offices are a part of most colleges today, however, it helps to find out before you begin the admission process if the employment cell in the university is active. These career offices can help you with resume and cover letter writing other than organizing campus recruitment. Take advantage of them if you have a chance.
    Attending top colleges and influential institutions can help you network so can secure interviews with top cos. or even win a job over other candidates. For instance, top companies always prefer graduates from IIM and even offer good salary packages to the right candidate.
    When faculty members and alumni can help you obtain references and job leads, and you can build a large network of friends at the university you choose, that could eventually lead to job opportunities.
    Attending educational fairs is a great means to find out more about universities, admission procedures and the criteria for same. The best colleges will meet all your academic, career, financial, and personal needs. Students in North East India can look forward to EduFair 2013, Shillong 2-3 May'13, Silchar 6-7 May'13, Dibrugarh 10-11 May'13 and Guwahati 13-14 May'13.

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    Yes i would like to say that if you are in a good collage then your collage will help you to get the employment..They give the chance to get employment to their students.

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