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    IIM CAT Essay Topics

    Hey CAT results are out and I scored pretty decent. Hopeful to get a call frm IIM. Can anyone provide me with any idea regarding the topics for Essay??????

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    Samay, the IIM CAT Essay’s cover vast array of topics that can be frm political, social, economic issues. Some of the previous year topics are:
    • The NGO sector in India is not getting due recognition frm society.
    • Should India change frm multi-party system to bi-party system?
    • Pen is not always mightier than the sword
    • Space Tourism
    • New’s channel coverage: A reflection of people’s tastes
    • Corporate governance
    • Fitness classes should be made compulsory for all politicians
    • Should Nehru’s centers of learning remain elitist?
    • Indian education system do not encourage creativity

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