Hey my name is Jag Shergill and I'm going to complete my high school education by March 2013. I have not taken any science courses after the tenth grade as I wanted to do a policing course here in Toronto Ontario which is located in Canada. But now my parents want me to do a 1-2 year course in India so I can see what life is like there due to the fact I have not been to India much other than visiting my family that lives there. After this course I will continue with my police foundations course here in Canada but I can't do a policing course in India because it will be pretty irrelevant to the policing programs here therefore I want to do something that is in a related field like paramedics. I like the city Chandigarh I heard its very modern now, so I would like to know if there are any paramedical courses there.. If not then I already seen the other posts for schools in Delhi and i will continue my research from there. Also what is the admission process like? Is it hard? Can I just pay more money to get in?

Also a couple off topic questions I have is, how popular is basketball in India? It would be nice if the college had a basketball team or atleast a basketball court to play in. Also the second question is that I work out 5 days in a week, does the school come with its own equipped gym or do I have to find a local one and get a membership?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I would appreciate any information that you can muster up!