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    How to prepare for Group Discussion & Personal Interview?

    Hello, I am sourav and I have just cleared my CAT entrance examination. Can any one suggest me how to prepare for group discussion and personal interview?

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    prepartion for MBA GDPI

    Hi, sourav! First of all, congratulations for cracking the toughest of all - CAT entrance examination. Although, clearing CAT does not ensure admission in any of the reputed B-school, you have to thoroughly prepare for group discussion and personal interview as well. In order to prepare for group discussion and personal interview you should have in-depth and comprehensive knowledge on current affairs along with latest developments in Economic, Business, and Technology sectors.

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    Group discussion are planned to judge the communication skills of the students. Also, they are to test your spontaneity and thinking ability about different issues prevailing in the society. as far as the Personal interview is concerned you need to be highly confident and strong in the basics of the subject you are applying for admission into.

    By Gurleen Kour

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    thanks priya I was also having the same ques..

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    Hai Sourav,

    Group discussion and personal interview are two ways which most of the B-school institutions use to analyze the candidate for the MBA programme.

    In group discussion which will be about 30 minutes, the students are analyzed on the basis of: Introduction, Confidence, Good listening skills and Knowledge of the topic. Whereas in Personal Interview, they assess Self awareness, Ability to maintain calm even in tension situation and Goal clarity.

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    Group Discussion


    As far as GDs are concerned, there are several parameters based on which judgements are made.
    1. Communication Skills
    2. Adjustment with group
    3. Temperament
    4. Listening Skills
    5. Ability to participate and comprehend
    6. General knowledge

    There are a few tips which you can consider.
    1. Never start if you don't know much about the topic. Start only if you have enough content because if you start and finish before other people start to contribute driving the group to silence, it goes negative for you.
    2. If the topic is alien to you, listen carefully to the other members.
    3. If you could not contribute at all, keep track of the time, Listen carefully and make notes and conclude the entire discussion in last 1 minute.
    4. Don't use negative expressions like, "You are wrong", if you disagree with someone. Instead say "How about this or that" or "It could be this way also"...
    5. Once someone finished his view, you can start by saying, 'in addition to this....' if you agree or 'on the contrary'..if you don't
    6. Don't take sides.

    For interview preparation, you can visit my website for free preparation videos.

    Hope it helped


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    I have to say that though this thread is very old it still has some amazing points where we can actually learn a lot.

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