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    Top MBA colleges in UK

    I am planning to do MBA is UK so can someone guide me as I want to know top MBA colleges in UK?

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    Hai, doing MBA is a good option there are various colleges and university in UK who offer excellent coaching with good study environment. Here is a list of UK colleges who offer MBA programme:

    Edinburgh University Management School
    Manchester Business School
    Cranfield School of Management
    London Business School
    Ashridge Business School
    Warwick Business School
    University of Buckingham
    Lancaster University
    University of Birmingham

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    pass record

    These are the few top Universities in UK:

    * 1 University of East Anglia
    * 2 Swansea University
    * 3 University of Surrey
    * 4 Loughborough University
    * 5 University of Sheffield
    * 6 University of Dundee
    * 7 Durham University
    * 8 University of Aberdeen
    * 9 University of Leicester
    * 10 University of Kent

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    Most of all the colleges have its own worth but according to my openion these two are the best Edinburgh University Management School
    Manchester Business School

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