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    Civil Service sample and question papers?

    Where to get the good and ultimate model papers which are beneficial in the preparation of Civil Service Exams?

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    The syllabus and pattern of Civil Service have undergone major changes with effect from 2011. The sample question paper is put up on the UPSC Website. You can find the previous year question papers in the provided link http://www.upsc.gov.in/

    All the best!!

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    civil entrance exam

    actually how many hours entrance exam will be run?

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    Hai, civil service entrance exam duration might be 3 hours but I am not sure.

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    Hi friends!! I am preparing for Civil Services (pre) exam. I just came to know that online mock tests can also be taken for the same. Can somebody suggest in which optional subjects i can opt for an online sample test??

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    Hai friend,

    The online mock test helps in knowing how you have got prepared for the Civil Services exam and various sites offers online mock test for civil service exams. You can test in all the subjects that are available to opt for in Civil Services exam.

    Well, here is a list of subjects for mock online test: GS, History, Public Administration, Commerce, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, Political Science and Law.

    You can also visit this given link for more details on mock online test. http://www.civilserviceindia.com/signup/index.php

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    i m new to this forum.In order to get prepared for civil services u must keep yourself abreast with the ongoing news ,like politics,bollywood..this would definitely help.later i will let u know about websites for preparations.
    good luck

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    that is very good field to make career.

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    Civil Servises

    hi friend
    I am I am preparing for government job exam so please give me information about the Civil Services exam.....

    [URL=http://www] Civil service exam [/URL]

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    Civil Service career information

    I'm going to start preparing for Civil Services. I have just quit my job and now want to focus only on the exams. Found this website very helpful in guiding me towards my right career based on my aptitude and it also gives a lot of information on how to become an IAS officer.

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