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    I want to Make Journalism as my Profession !

    So guys,
    As the title goes i want to Make Journalism as my Profession ! I have done my study till II year and am not pretty much aware of Studies as i started my career in the very small age .. So i just want you guys to help me to Achieve my Goal ! I want suggestions and tips for me from you

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    There is a quote that describes journalism very well “Media is a watchdog of our country”. A journalist has to be alert on societies day to day happening things. They have to bring accurate and specific information about the issues that are going in our society or all over the world in front of the readers. Generally, journalism has been divided into two categories that are Print Journalism and Electronic Journalism. Recently, there has been another category added to this field that is web journalism. To work in any category you should be thorough or have least knowledge on the subjects like politics, arts, economics, business, history, sports, entertainment, etc.

    As a journalist you should be able to handle any of these subjects confidently when you are assigned with that. Earlier there was no much scope for journalism and it was not much popular to make as a career. But now things have changed, journalism has got well-recognition in society and has become a profession or career for some people. Even in terms of salary, a journalist earns good pay as an other profession. It is very much interesting as you would deal with different subjects and also in the same way extremely responsible work.

    Journalism as a profession is a good option in these as this field is getting recognized very well nowadays. When selecting journalism as a career or profession you should build confidence in your personality and has be aware of about your surroundings. You need to have a skill of writing, good communication skill, key-detailing on any matter, intelligence, etc. If you choose print media, you can get job in newspapers, magazines, and news agencies whereas opting for electronic media; you can work for news channels as news reader, reporter, cameraman, production manager, and others. In print media you can work as an editor, sub-editor, reporter, proof reader, copy writer, columnist, photojournalist, etc. Well, when it comes to web journalism you would be working online by updating news of current happening, writing feature articles on lifestyle, recipes, entertainment, etc.

    There are various institutions or university in India who offers courses in journalism. The qualification to do Journalism course is +2, in any stream. As you have not said from which city you are staying, it would be good to suggest colleges if you had stated about your place of living. You can do under-graduate (UG) programme in journalism followed with post-graduation (PG). Choose the category of journalism in which you feel comfortable and confident. On the whole, it can be said that Journalism is a great professional to opt for.

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