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    Maharshi Dayanand University B.Tech 2012 Result

    Hello dears,
    Where to go for Maharshi Dayanand University B.Tech 2012 result
    please help me.

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    Hi friends,
    The Maharshi Dayanand University
    has announced of B.Tech examination results.

    The results are available in the MDU official website below direct link:


    All the best!!!

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    how to prepare for science entrance exam and model qus papers..i want to know that....

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    Hi Friends,
    Tips to prepare for science entrance exam:

    * You can make short notes when the study the subjects.
    * For very good Preparation you can solve sample papers.
    * Start preparing for the Science exam in advance
    * Science is about being practical and not just being a theoretician.
    So attend all the lab sessions regularly.

    Good luck!!!

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