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    Will MBA from Heriot Watt be Good Decision?

    Hi Everybody! I am thinking about getting my MBA (HR) on the Edinburgh campus (Heriot Watt University) UK. I haven't been able to find much reviews/feedback on the school itself. Is the degree recognized worldwide? Is there a reason why it is not in any rankings? How will my future employers most likely react towards me getting a degree from Heriot Watt UK? Since it is very hard get any work permit in UK so will coming back to INDIA for JOB. I am a B.Tech Graduate Major in CSE with I have 3 year experience in Recruitment and development. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hello guys,
    According to its claims and reviews from elsewhere "Heriot-Watt is one of the world’s largest MBA program provider's,
    enrolling thousands of students from all over the world.
    It has an international reputation for innovative education, enterprise and leading edge but practical research,
    it is one of the leading UK universities for business and industry".

    I normally prefer qsuniversity rankings but i couldnot find Heriot-Watt in its rankings.
    But according to ukeas.com Heriot-Watt's ranking is 32 with a score 64.8/100.
    But mind you its the rank of the university not necessarily the course.

    And since Heriot Watt is a University, it has the power to award degrees.
    I have absolutely no idea how future employers will react to a degree from Heriot-Watt's beacuse i havent studied there.
    The best way to know would be to to befriend Heriot-Watt's alumnis or students in some social networking site
    and get exact details from them. They will definitley be able to guide you better.

    So long then.
    And All The Best in your efforts.

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