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    Mumbai University M Com E-Commerce (Semester I / III) Exam Nov 2011 Result

    Hello dears,
    I am a M Come E-Commerce Student from Mumbai University
    and I want to know my M Com E-Commerce Semester I Exam November 2011 Result.
    Please some one help me

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    Hi all,
    University of Mumbai announced the results of M Com Master of Commerce
    in E-Commerce Semester I examinations.

    The examinations were held in the month of November 2011.

    Results are made available on the University’s official website:

    (in Addition)

    You can obtain the results by entering the required details in the box provided
    and clicking on the “Go” button, on the below given direct links:
    http://results.mu.ac.in/choose_nob.php?exam_id=2235&exam_year=2011&exam_mo nth=NOV

    Best of luck!!!

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