Dear All,

I need your help Please. I have joined MA (Political science also called MPS) course from Hyderabad in 2010 June for the academic session 2010-2012.

My First Year of MPS was 2010,June - 2011,June and Second Year of MPS is running now from 2011,June-2012, June.

I wrote my first year's exam in 2011 June and got the results and passed the examination.

For my second year, I need to submit my assignment by march end of 2012 and need to fill my examination form in March, 2012 and I need to write my exam on 2012, June.

But, Currently, I am outside India, and therefore, I will not be able to submit my examination form and assignment by March, 2012 and can not write exams in 2012 June.

In this case what will happen: 1.can I write examination in December, 2012?

And If I can write examination in 2012, 2. by which date should I should my Assignments?

My further question is 3. what will happen if I am able to write my examination only in 2013, June by submitting my Assignments by 2013, March?

In that case, 4. do I have to pay only applicable examination fees or should I have to pay my admission/tution fees also? (I have already paid my second year tution
fees of something around 3500/- INR in 2010, November for my second year study.)

5. I am also thinking of to change my Study Center and Regional Center from Hyderabad to Delhi.
Can you please tell me the procedure and more importantly, how much time it will take? Because if it is possible to change the Study Center and Regional Center soon,
I want to submit my assignments this year (by 2012 March end)(by taking help of some of my friends in Delhi. I have no one in Hyderabad now.) Please help me.

Thank you all.