Is this the brightest economics (H) batch ever in Delhi University history? At least the first semester results say so. The economics (H) results, confirmed on Wednesday night, show a whopping 13 students that scored a perfect 75 in all three theory papers. Not only this, as many as three students scored 99% and 31 students 96.66% and above. Economics teachers are calling the results unparalleled.

Around 2,800 students emerged for the first semester exams of which 53 students have scored 95% and above, and 170 students have scored 90% and above. In mainstream of cases, the students have scored considerably high in theory papers- the exam for which was mannered by the university in the month of November-December 2011.

"We are shocked at the results. Getting above 60% in economics (H) was considered coveted and even with 65% students used to get into London School of Economics. Earlier there used to be temperance, but yesterday's results have certainly devalued the degree. There will be no co-relation between the undergraduate and postgraduate marks. It is impossible to score such marks by a large number of students even in several choice papers. The university should come out clean on the principle of moderation," said a senior economics faculty of Miranda House, Nandini Dutta.

Three students have scored 297 out of a total of 300 to achieve 99% and have become the joint toppers. According to economics college teachers, this is probably the 'best results' in the history of DU in economics. Check DU B.Com Exam Results "I have not heard of students scoring 99%, in fact three of them, in my subject so far. And going by the numbers of high scorers, this is unprecedented. Thirteen students scored a perfect 75 in all three papers," said a senior economics faculty of St Stephen's College, Sanjeev Grewal.

Number of students scoring 85% and above in the first semester economics (H) stands at a whopping 362. While the teachers are not questioning the students' capability, they are voicing their concern on difficulty level of the question paper, the evaluation process and the moderation policy.

Over 30% of the students in economics (H), English (H) and political science (H) failed to clear all the papers in the semester exams. But as per the new university policy, the ER category students are also being promoted to the second semester on the condition that they will clear the papers in subsequent exams.

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