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    List of Topics for Real Estate Management Student

    Hello friends,
    I am looking for ideas for my dissertation, currently studying real estate management
    so please list me some good thesis topics for me.

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    Hi guys,
    List of Topics for Real Estate Management Student

    Current Trends in Real Estate Management
    Environment Friendly Real Estate Development
    Real Estate Management in Times of a Global Recession
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    Following are some topics related to real estate management

    *Area and cost-saving construction
    *Objective conflicts with sustainable development and proposed solutions
    *Urban renewal / Urban regeneration
    *Real estate as investment
    *Public-private partnership

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    List of Topics for Real Estate Management dissertation:

    * Rise and down fall of Real Estate Industry

    * Political supremacy in Real Estate Development

    * Impact of Environment on Real Estate Management

    * Investment in Real Estate

    * Residential and commercial Real Estate Management

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