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    About Gemology Course Studies in India

    Hi guys,
    Can some one tell me about Gemology Programs study.

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    Hi all,
    Gemology Course Details:
    Making a career in gemology is a highly profitable and rewarding option. To become a successful gemologist, one should acquire the right knowledge and training, which can be achieved through courses of different durations. Gemology is offered at degree, diploma, and certificate levels. Aspiring students who have passed their 10+2 examination, or any equivalent recognized examination, in any stream are eligible for admission into various gemology courses. 3-year Bachelorís program in Fine Arts (BFA) and Diploma in accessory and jewelry design are offered at undergraduate level. Candidates who have completed graduation can pursue gemology courses at post graduation level. Generally, diploma, post graduate diploma, and certificate courses are available to such candidates, ranging from 6 days to 3 months to 1 year. One can choose from different specializations offered - jewelry designing, gem grinding, gem polishing, gem assortment, gem engraving, jewelry setter, and gem research.

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