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    Thesis Topics in Material and Designs

    Hi guys,
    I want to complete my project in Fashion Designing
    and i need more information about material and designs
    so could some one help me about the topic.

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    Hollo dears,
    The following list is especially useful for students.
    Material and Designs dissertation topics:

    01. A history of the undergarment
    02. Fashion and man made materials
    03. The wool trade and its contribution to western fashion
    04. The history and importance of the bodice
    05. The eras of the miniskirt
    06. Public service wear and changing roles
    07. Materials that matter: An analysis of the changing uses of materials since the 19th Century
    08. Wool and its uses; from Prehistoric to today
    09. The dawn of nylon and what it meant for Fifties fashion
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