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    Career Prospects in Fashion Merchandising Studies

    Dear friends,
    If I finished Fashion Merchandising Programs after my studies
    what is the Career prospects there in the field.

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    Hello dears,
    Career Prospects:
    Trained fashion merchandisers can work with any domestic or foreign lifestyle or fashion company.
    Jobs are also available in ready-to-wear production companies and large retailers/chain stores.
    Export fabrication companies and export houses also recruit merchandisers to coordinate between the foreign retail stores
    and production houses. Fashion merchandisers can work with fashion designers to come up with a new product,
    taking the latest trends into consideration. Visual merchandising, where products are promoted by visual display,
    also offers great opportunities. Merchandisers can look for positions in retail management in departmental stores,
    boutiques, clothing wholesalers, importers, designers, and manufacturers as fashion advertising agents,
    store managers, fashion product developers, event planners, fashion retailers, window dressers,
    and fashion promotion specialists. With adequate experience,
    fashion merchandisers can even set up their own small-scale industries as well as big export houses.

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