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    Dissertation Topic in Marketing Studies

    Hi dears,
    Please some one help me i need Dissertation Topic in Marketing Studies to complete my studies.

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    Hi friends,
    Dissertation Topics in Marketing studies:

    * The first marketing dissertation topic is Internet marketing: the processes and the methods. Study the strategies and the methods used by the Internet marketing. You can also investigate within this marketing dissertation topic the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, its impact on industries, the security questions, etc.

    * Another interesting marketing dissertation topic is Market Research. Here you may study the significance of market research for a business planning, for the effective development of the market, for finding out the consumer needs and so on.

    * You will definitely make the right choice if you choose such marketing dissertation topic as critical theories of marketing. A lot of marketing techniques are regarded amoral, since very often they are used for negative reasons, for example, for selling substandard goods. Thus, if you choose this marketing dissertation topic, you have a possibility to study other critiques of marketing.

    * Our last marketing dissertation topic is Brands. Make research of history of the brands, the concepts, the most famous brands, and the ways of protecting a brand.

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    The following are the Dissertation Topics in Marketing Studies

    * New Media and New Trends in Marketing
    *Market Trends and Consumer Behaviour
    *Market Research, Advertising, Branding
    *Global Marketing
    *Theories of Marketing

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    Dissertation Topic in Marketing Studies:

    Influence of online marketing on consumers

    Customer constancy towards E-commerce

    Mobile marketing as a critical marketing tool

    Global Marketing

    Women and advertising

    Marketing Strategies

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    Dissertation Topic in Marketing Studies

    Hi all,

    Ive just completed my industrial placement year. I worked for Search Marketing agency for a year. For my final year at university, I have to write a dissertation on my chosen area of study.

    Can anyone suggest a dissertation research title related to search marketing? The deadline is fast approaching and I have no idea. Please help.

    Many thanks,
    Desperare student

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    I donít have much idea on Search Marketing Field but if you tell me what search marketing mean, I can try to help you in finding better thesis topics.

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