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    Career Prospects after Visual Merchandiser Studies in India

    hello guys,
    If I go to finished visual merchandiser programs
    after what is the career prospects there in the field.

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    Hi dears
    Career Prospects:

    With the widely accepted concept of visual merchandising in India, numerous job opportunities are available
    for youngsters entering this creative and productive field. Visual merchandisers are usually employed at retail stores as the store's brand gatekeeper, who is responsible for the projected image and style of the company.
    Employment in visual merchandising is growing faster than the average, with the increase in the number of shopping malls,
    five star hotels, boutiques, discotheques, and retail outlets.
    Increasing visual merchandising jobs are generated because of the emerging interests of people in the fashion industry.
    What’s more, visual merchandisers can find umpteen opportunities in online retail space.
    Specialists in merchandising are highly needed in Internet, credit card penetration, and electronic payment processing systems.
    Plus, they also have the option of joining an interior design company, architecture firm, or starting their own business.

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