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    University of Delhi Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic

    Plz tell me about the scope for career after doing Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic from DU.

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    Arabic is a widely spoken language, and is spoken worldwide by around 280 million people. Keeping in view the huge amount of literary and data work, which is required to get translated, there is enough scope of doing a language course in Arabic. The one year duration course offers ample amount of opportunity in both government and private companies, where they are hired as translators. They could also take up teaching as a profession.

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    Hi yogesh,

    I think scope depends on the course and the university,both.So if u have chosen Arabic language,then i suggest you should explore other universities also,which offer this course.the best place i recommend to find the right info is http://www.edu.moogle.in/arabic-Ctr2St0Ct0Sr1S0L0P1

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